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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, JoAnn Tate who was born in Missouri on May 03, 1947 and passed away on April 27, 1982 at the age of 35. We will remember her forever.
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Your Mom   / Patricia Yocum (friend)
Sorry, I forgot to include my mothers name. Her name is Sandra Turner...God bless :)
Your Mom   / Patricia Yocum (friend)
I was small when I met your Mother JoAnn...My mother and my brother and myself attended the same church as she did in North St. Louis. Brother Gentry's church. I remember she could play the piano so beautifully :) My mother and her were close. I ...  Continue >>
GOD BLESS YOU   / Maribel Picazo
Hi Melissa,   I just learned about your mom's tragic death today and want you to know that I am sorry you and your family had to go through this. God loves you and he will give you the strenght that you need to carry on. I tried to look for a ...  Continue >>
A fabulous mom   / Melissa Davis (daughter)
Mom, Thanks for being you. I remember your hugs and your kisses. I remember high heels, drinking your leftover coffee when you weren't looking and your red lipstick.I remember going to church every Wednesday and Sunday. I also remember watching you s...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
A Splendid Human Being  
My darling, beloved, dearly missed mother, Joann Tate was a wonderful human being. She saw the best in everybody, even people who did not seem to deserve it. Even though she had a very painful past, she always had a smile for everyone. 
Even though privately, my mother was lonely and sad, she would hide that from other people so she would not burden them. She was the life of the party and the pillar of our family. She lived for family get togethers and she always had a joke to tell (with her crazy sense of humor, why not?) or a funny quip to share.

She was a great daughter, sister and friend.
For me and my sisters, Melinda and Renee, she was a great mom. I truly think she did her best with us. No, we did not have a lot of comforts that most people had, but we had her protection and love.
Mom's first marriage, to my sister Melinda's dad, was disasterous and left lasting scars on her mentally. Her second marriage, to my Dad, was a mistake. Still, she believed in love and being in love and love at first sight. So she still sought love. Some say this was a mistake, that she should concentrate on being a mom. But I know now that she was a woman of her time, and she believed that children needed a father figure. However, she would not just settle for anyone, even if he had a fat bank account and drove a fancy car.  She was very concerned with how a man would treat us, and she turned many away because she felt that we would be mistreated. We were a package deal.

We lived in poverty because mom was severely disabled from a car accident and even if she found employment it didn't last long. I tell you though, that I did not feel life was lacking because I didn't have the latest toys or new clothes.
I know how my mom must've felt accepting charity from the Catholic Church and other people who donated food or clothes. It must've been humiliating. But she swallowed her pride in order to feed and clothe her children, and that is something I find admirable.
It takes courage to ask for help.
Better yet, she never felt entitled to it and was always grateful for it.

My mother's life was over too soon. She had so much to give and a whole life ahead of her. She had high school graduations and college graduations and weddings and grandchildren to look forward to.  Because of her death and the events surrounding it..our destiny was forever changed. We had to make lives for ourselves..without her. 

I think the kind of mom she was is apparent in the way she died: trying to protect me and my four year old sister Renee. She put up a brave and valiant fight but was overpowered by a raging psychotic named Rodney. She drowned in her own blood when a stab wound in her chest punctured her lungs and caused them to fill up with blood.
My mother died a cruel death..and we will never know why. I cannot cushion the murder itself..for anyone..mostly because I lived it too. It is what it was what is was...
Renee and I almost died too that night. Luckily, we had guardian angels who prompted my uncle to come to our house even though he should've been heading to work across town.
We were found just in time.

I am a mother to one child now, Jacquelyn, aged 9. Renee is a mother to three kids: Kayla, 9, Leah, 8 and Logan 2. Melinda has a 24 year old daughter named Melody.

All of Mom's girls took the hard way in life. We all had huge obstacles to overcome. However, I think she'd be proud of the people that we are. Melinda is married to an active duty serviceman.  I am divorced but handling life fine. Renee is a devoted, if overwhelmed, married mother of 3.
I think all 3 of us carry Mom's memory with us every day of our lives. None of us got a lot of time to spend with her but we remember that unconditional love.
The memory of what happened to mom haunts the entire family. Our family is fractured and fragmented by grief and hurt and anger. But a few of us are devoted to keeping Mom's killer behind bars. Getting justice for Mom and our family is a constant struggle because sometimes the media gives the attention to the attacker and not the victim.
Recently, I attended the parole hearing of her killer.  Weeks later..I found out it was denied.  In her seems my mom had the most power.
Mom didn't die in vain. Her death affected a lot of people. The case is still in the media and people are still interested in the quest for justice.
I'll do whatever I have to do to keep Mom's killer behind bars. I think she deserves my best. Me and my Uncle are united in that fight. 
Only since October have I finally been able to put what happened to us behind me.  You live your whole life with that sort of pain..that sort of anguish..and the longing..and it becomes a familiar and yet prickly thing.  I didn't want to live in that hole I went into therapy. Through therapy and a lot of hard work..I took my life back from that awful day in 1982. It took me 24 years to learn how to live.
If Momma would've wanted would be for her girls and her family to be happy. Happiness for finally letting go of the night I almost died..and the same night..when I lost my mother.  I miss my mom now..but even will be a long time before I see her again..I keep her memory close. The pain isn't constant anymore. we love you.....
Sometimes I look at my daughter and wonder what my mother must've felt the first time she laid eyes on us. I think the song by Roberta Flack "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" would be perfect. It moves me to tears, but I think that's how she felt.
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Me, Mom, old sister Melinda, and little sis Renee, 6 months before the attack
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